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Residential and landscape design services including:

Sketch Design, Town Planning, Landscape and Building Permit drawings for multi-units, new homes, alterations, additions, sustainable retrofits, permaculture, and ornamental garden design.

At Urban Farm and House we provide sustainable design solutions for housing and landscapes. We design built form in conjunction with the landscape so that a far more holistic and complete solution is generated. The siting of your house in the landscape plays a huge role in determining how effective it is as a home. Whether it be a garden that improves food security, or one that just makes you feel great, if it is integrated with the house, then the whole property can give you a true home that can sustain you long into the future.

We understand that it can be daunting commissioning a large project, and we aim to remove the fear and uncertainty by guiding you through the design and documentation process to commence your project. We also connect you with potential consultants, builders, and contractors early in the design process, so that we take any surprises out of your project. Our process is structured with opportunities for you to engage with the design as we guide you through the stages:

  1. Site Context Plan – Site measure, photos, levels (RL), authority assets check.
  2. Existing Conditions Plan – Existing dwelling measure (if required).
  3. Site Analysis – Design feasibility, investigation of opportunities and constraints.
  4. Client Consultation – Establishment of detailed design brief.
  5. Sketch Design – Based on feedback from site investigations, and the brief.
  6. Client Consultation – Presentation and/or review of sketch design.
  7. Town Planning Documentation – Preparation of town planning drawings.
  8. Town Planning Administration – Consultation with council, client and other parties.
  9. Construction Documentation – Preparation of building permit documents. Consultation with engineers, building surveyors and others
  10. Design Advocate – Mediator, design intent communicator, and client advocate during the tender and construction phase (if required)


When we design for garden (or house) we consider the sun’s impact. This site was chosen for an all year round productive food garden because it receives a heap of sunlight in winter, but is shaded by a large deciduous tree in summer.


Something else we consider are the existing trees on site. It can take years if not decades for many canopy trees to fulfill their role, so before clearing a site it is important to consider the benefits of having established trees. They can protect a new garden from the harsh summer sun, and create different microclimates that suit different types of plants, as well as providing a home for wildlife.

Urban Farm and House design in rural Victoria

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To integrate other service providers such as builders, energy consultants, town planners, engineers, so that the process smooth and well managed, and not disjointed.

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