Welcome to our display of combined landscape and residential projects.

Integrating built form with the landscape is at the heart of what we can do at Urban Farm and House.

Why build for plants?

Controlling environmental conditions can increase the types of plants that can be grown on a site and reduce the impact of extreme weather events. North facing masonry walls create shelter (from cold winter southerlies) and a microclimate that enables warm climate plants to thrive in southern Australia. Likewise the diversion of stormwater or greywater into your garden aids the growth of humid climate plants.

Why plant for buildings?

Just like built form, plants can be used to create specific  environmental conditions. This can give occupants a more comfortable building without the need for artificial heating or cooling. Heavily shaded south facing gardens can be used to cool a building in summer, and deciduous canopies open up in winter to provide access to the best heater of all Рthe sun.

Preston Sketch Design

A combined dwelling and landscape design in Preston, VIC. Responding to a need to provide home-grown produce, and featuring strategically placed washstations, the aim for this house is to be a healthy home. It features strawbale walls, composting toilets, chook-run, and an orchard.

Both the Heidelberg and Preston sites have the 50′ frontage that is common throughout Melbourne’s middle ring suburbs, and these designs would sit comfortably in any of those suburbs, depending on the slope and site specific planning restrictions – contact us for more details.

Heidelberg Sketch Design

Naturally heated and cooled house in Heidelberg West using passive solar principles and the natural cooling stack (or chimney) effect. Air is drawn through the building via a garden area to the south and exits via clerestory windows located high in the cathedral ceiling.

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