Journal of activity and inspiration

House Plans

We have a bunch of house plans from over the years that have either morphed into other designs, or have been shelved. Contact us if you’re interested in having a look at any.

Wyndham update

Works are progressing at Wyndham on the strawbale house. Here we have Jeff’s rammed earth wall that will feature in the entry hall. An example of thermal mass that will assist in balancing temperature.

Material Resilience

Design for a small family home, constructed out of five coreten steel shipping containers and cedar cladding. Both materials have formed their own defence against the elements.

Lunch time!

Lunch time at the Urban Farm and House! Bruschetta with tomatoes, basil and saltbush straight from the garden. Washed down with a hot cup of herbal brew, with lemon and mint also from the garden.


Be sure to check out Futurefoodsystem - a self sustaining, closed loop, two-bedroom home that will shelter, feed and provide energy for its inhabitants - on display now at Federation Square. Its fantastic to see the concepts of self-sufficiency, and sustainability...

The Sustainable Hour

For seven years, The Sustainable Hour have broadcasted weekly on the Geelong-based community radio station The Pulse - 94.7, a live internet stream, and podcast. They have focussed in particular on the climate emergency and solutions to combat the situation. Listen in...


We have been lucky  enough to have the opportunity of trialling a Tern GSD e-bike - a sustainable and healthy alternative to the motor car for trips around town. It's great for school drop off (get right to the gate and avoid those oversized SUV queues in undersized...

Wyndham Works Start

Works have commenced on site for the construction of the strawbale house and outbuildings. Here we have the frame of the outhouse complete with its recycled window. Despite not being built to the latest technological window standards, using recycled windows in...

Modified Wicking Bed

Wicking beds are a fantastic solution to provide a healthy soil for growing annual vegetables or plants that become stressed in Victoria's hot summers. They reduce evaporation by watering from beneath, and encourage roots to head deeper. A criticism is however that...

Tiny Houses

There is a lot of air time dedicated to the topic of tiny houses. In time mainstream television and media will move on once the ratings show signs of a plateau or decline, but we believe the interest in downsizing, re-connecting with nature, and eliminating material...
Colour and Texture

Colour and Texture

Colour and texture are important in creating successful landscape design. A diverse plant palette provides visual interest, as well as aiding in the overall health of your garden ecosystem....

Rammed Earth Walls

Rammed Earth Walls

Rammed earth is another sustainable choice for a building material. Suitable soil can be sourced from the site itself, eliminating the transportation, energy and carbon costs of highly refined and...

Garden Design

Garden Design

When we design for garden (or house) we consider the sun's impact. This site was chosen for an all year round productive food garden because it receives a heap of sunlight in winter, but is shaded...