There is a lot of air time dedicated to the topic of tiny houses. In time mainstream television and media will move on once the ratings show signs of a plateau or decline, but we believe the interest in downsizing, re-connecting with nature, and eliminating material superfluities will remain with many homemakers long after the waves of commercial fads have receded.

The reality is that many occupants who are taking up the challenge of downsizing to a tiny home have an innate desire to do so. Whether the tiny home in its current form is able to achieve that is another story, and as with all architectural typologies it will morph through time as its inadequacies are ironed out, and stories are heard of both success and failure.

As our planet heads towards a population and resource limit, accomodating people in smaller spaces using less resources will become an increasing priority, and the tiny house movement (as opposed to trend), has established a great launching pad to develop a bigger and better small-scale residential typology.