We plant your ideas…

…help to grow and nourish them…

…so that you can reap the rewards.

We Navigate

solutions that marry our core ethics with specific client needs and personal preferences.

Sustainability and

Permaculture principles are driving forces behind the designs produced by Urban Farm and House.

Your House

and its siting in the landscape play a huge role in determining how effective it is as a home.

we aim high,

our designs go deeper,

we guide you through your choices,

and we see your project to fruition.

Residential and Landscape Design

Urban Farm and House can design your project with a holistic approach to generate a complete solution.

Successful Design

A successful design relies upon an integration of all aspects of the project, from considering the full environmental context, to providing transparent communications, and incorporating input from builders, engineers, and surveyors throughout the process, all while sharing and driving your dream.

Integrated Design

We use built form to create specific garden conditions that enable plants to thrive beyond their climatic range, to extend growing seasons, to improve harvests, or to provide protection from extreme weather or pests and diseases.

Natural Design

We use gardens to enhance comfort within the building itself using natural principles. We select and position plants to control the impacts of the sun, wind, and temperature, and provide self-sufficiency through urban farming.

Skilled and Experienced

We blend a broad skillset and knowledge base derived through studies in Architecture, Permaculture and Horticulture, with experience grounded in the practicalities of commercially driven domestic development, and the personal nature of home extensions.

Working Together

Urban Farm and House act as the mortar that binds each of the separate elements that come together to form the project.

Residential Design

We draw upon over eighteen years design experience in the building industry and specialise in retrofits, renovations, alterations, additions, new houses, and multi-unit developments, along with outbuildings and the like.

Landscape Design

Whether a garden is designed to improve food security, or just to make you feel great, if it is integrated with the house, then the whole property can give you a true home that can sustain you long into the future.

We draw energy from your input into the project…

…adapt and respond to changes of direction…

…and find sustainable ways to get to your destination.