Looking for plans for your next project?

Urban Farm and House specialize in residential projects.

From a backyard shed, or a house extension, through to a new home or multi-units, we have the experience and the know-how to get your dream on paper. As well as being registered with the VBA as a building designer, Saimon completed his Architecture degree at Melbourne Uni, and more recently completed Permaculture and Horticulture studies. This places us in the unique position to offer you design expertise from five years of Architectural studies, without the expense of engaging an Architect. Combine this with the hands-on experience, and pragmatic approach of a Building Designer, and you know you’ll get a good, solid design grounded in reality.

We draw energy from our client's vision...

...adapt and respond to changes of direction...

...and find sustainable ways to get there.

About Urban Farm and House

What do we do?

When it comes to designs and plans for units, houses, extensions and gardens, Urban Farm and House can provide you with the plans you need to get the permit or permits to start your project.

We can cover the design process from Feasibility through Sketch Design, Town Planning, Design Development, Working Drawings, Building Permit, and Detailed Design stages.

We are able to integrate the design of landscape and building disciplines to provide better designs inside and outside. The conditions and livability of houses and their gardens can be improved greatly by integrating one with the other.

Where are we?

We’re a small residential design practice operating in Greensborough on Wurundjeri Land and have extensive experience across Victoria. Whether you’re on the Peninsula or the Murray, in suburbia or the country, we can help you with your plans.

We have recent projects from Geelong and the Surf Coast, Ballarat, Mildura, Castlemaine, Heathcote, Shepparton, and Phillip Island, as well as Williams Landing, Altona, Keilor, Essendon, Glenroy, Reservoir, Preston, Thornbury, Rosanna, Greensborough, Eltham, Diamond Creek, Warrandyte, East Melbourne, Highett, Bentleigh, and Glen Waverley.

Who are we?

Urban Farm and House was formed by designer, Saimon Boyle, who brings 20 years of experience in the industry through projects from the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Saimon has a passion for residential design from tiny houses, and extensions, to new dwellings, and larger scale multi-unit developments.

More recent studies in Permaculture, and Horticulture bring a more diverse training background to complement Saimon’s Architecture degree from Melbourne University (2002).

Why Urban Farm and House?

With our grounding in sustainability; our studies in Architecture, Permaculture and Horticulture; and our experience in commercial residential development, we can generate designs that consider multiple parameters, all while maintaining our clients vision of the project.

Ultimately though, we want to provide customers with a satisfying design, building, and above all, living experience. We all deserve inspiring places to live in.

There is something fundamentally human about creating your own space. It’s an experience to aspire to.

Sketch Design

Town Planning

Building Permit

Landscape Design

Residential Design

We draw upon over twenty years design experience in the building industry and specialise in retrofits, renovations, alterations, additions, new houses, and multi-unit developments, along with outbuildings and the like.

Landscape Design

Whether a garden is designed to improve food security, or just to make you feel great, if it is integrated with the house, then the whole property can give you a true home that can sustain you long into the future.
Residential + Landscape

Urban Farm and House can design your project with a holistic approach to generate a complete solution.

Landscape design is often treated as an extra, or surplus to the basic design of residential buildings, but if included from the outset it can provide you with the added benefits of specifically designed views into the garden, or strategically placed bird attracting species to allow you to wake up to the sounds of nature, or a summer cooling system through the use of a pond or water feature.

Integrated Design

We use built form to create specific garden conditions that enable plants to thrive beyond their climatic range, to extend growing seasons, to improve harvests, or to provide protection from extreme weather or pests and diseases.

Banana, ginger, turmeric, mango, avocado, babaco, carob, dragon fruit, guava, macadamia, and tamarillo can all be grown in Melbourne if given the right conditions.

Working Together

Urban Farm and House act as the mortar that binds each of the elements that come together to form the project.

We are part of the larger team that will be involved for you to realise your vision. Depending upon the project we may involve land surveyors, arborists, town planners, geotechnical engineers, structural or civil engineers, energy efficiency specialists, fire or mechanical engineers, bushfire consultants, 3D visualisation consultants, interior + lighting designers, plumbers, electricians, builders and landscapers.

Successful Design

A successful design relies upon an integration of all aspects of the project, from considering the full environmental context, to providing transparent communications, and incorporating input from builders, engineers, and surveyors throughout the process, all while sharing and driving your dream.

We bring consultants on board early to guide and assist in the sketch design stages, to provide clarity, and avoid surprises.

Skilled and Experienced

We blend a broad skillset and knowledge base derived through studies in Architecture, Permaculture and Horticulture, with experience grounded in the practicalities of commercially driven domestic development, and the personal nature of home extensions.

Our clients receive the benefit of this wide range of knowledge, and the holistic approach of incorporating and working closely with consultants ensures that access to additional expertise is only a phone call away.

we strive for a high standard of design,

we guide you through your choices,

and we see your project to fruition.

We navigate solutions that marry our sustainability ethics with specific client needs and personal preferences.

Sustainability and Permaculture principles are driving forces behind the designs produced by Urban Farm and House.

Your house and its siting in the landscape play a huge role in determining how effective it is as a home.