Trauma & Resilience

The Covid era has been traumatic, medically and socially, leading many to re-assess what they value in life. This project is a downsizing exercise for a client wishing to live comfortably while minimising their impact on the world and preserving what they can for future generations. Coming in at a modest 100m2 over three levels, this design frames and uses outdoor spaces to enhance its size and reduce its reliance on artificial heating and cooling.

Constructed from five recycled 20ft shipping containers it draws in cool air from a sheltered south facing garden, which in turn is expelled via the solar chimneys during the daytime, or the highlight tower windows at night. The use of polytubes not only extends the growing season of vegetables (and allows healthy in-ground planting) but acts as a source of warm air in winter months.

With two bedrooms and a study, this design will enable our client to establish a future proof home and workplace, that also provides a source of food – all with minimal expense on energy and materials.